Eating in a restaurant

Read the text below, and then answer the questions that follow.

Eating out in a restaurant is one of life’s pleasures, but it can sometimes be confusing if you are in another country. Perhaps the menu is only in English, or perhaps the opening times and meal times are different. Another problem can be to find the right food, the food that you want to eat, or even to find a restaurant that is the correct price for you. If it is too cheap then perhaps the food will not be very good, and if it is too expensive then it can lead to an unpleasant ending to the meal.
Of course, food is the most important element of any meal, but we also want the waiter to be friendly and efficient, the room to have a nice atmosphere, and the bill to be reasonable. There are different customs in different countries related to leaving a tip, so it’s important to learn what is normal wherever we go.
Veal, pork and chicken are the most common meats. Hake, salmon and monkfish are popular fish dishes. Most restaurants have a vegetarian option on the menu now as well. It’s typical to drink wine, although many people prefer soft drinks if they are driving. There are many choices in cities now, each restaurant with a different cuisine, from different countries and traditions.

Answer some questions on the reading text.

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