Is now a good time to improve your English?



That’s the easy answer. 😊

What are my realistic goals for my English level?

But of course, it leads to more questions: How should I improve my English? Should I do individual classes or am I better in a group? Can I do it on my own?
But before answering those other questions, what about these ones

You need to think about how much time you have available to practice, to study, and think about how long it will take to improve.

What would give me that “yes, I can do this” feeling about my English?

Imagine you are at a work meeting, and you notice that you can understand what people are saying, you’re not searching for words, or practising in our mind before you speak. In fact, you’re not even thinking about English, it’s just flowing naturally. That’s when you know you’re making progress.

What kind of practice do I need to do to achieve my objective?

Perhaps you need to focus on speaking practice, learning vocabulary for your industry, or listening to different people speaking and processing what they tell you.

How much time can I dedicate to improving my English?

You might need to spend a lot of time practising, but it needs to be practice that gives you real gains. If you think that sounds like an exercise routine, then yes, learning a language is like going to the gym. You need to use it or you will lose it!


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