Afternoon, evening…

A conversation from class:

Student: When does the afternoon finish and the evening begin?

Me: About four thirty, five.

Student: Wow, you’re so precise about these things in English!

Me: No, not 4.35, it’s around four thirty or five o’clock.
Student: ah, okay.

Do you know when to use one or the other?

Here’s a quick reminder:

Morning until 12 noon: Good morning
12 noon until around four thirty to five o’clock (16:30-17:00): Good afternoon
Alternative for morning and afternoon until five o’clock: Good day (less common)
Five o’clock (17:00) onwards, for the rest of the day to say hello: Good evening

At the end of the day, saying goodbye or going to bed: Good night

From the film The Truman Show

Try this little quiz to see if you have the right idea.

1. Good . It's ten pm, and here is the news.

2. You're up early! Good , and have a great day.

3. After work I leave the office and go for a walk in the city in the .

4. I usually have lunch at about one in the .

5. I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Good .

6. He was studying for the exam until just before midnight last .

7. When his exams finished he was out with his friends until four in the .

8. The meeting started after lunch, but it went on until four in the .

9. The last time there was a problem like this, the meeting went on until five in the .

10. Red sky at , shepherd's delight. Red sky at , shepherd's warning. (old saying)