Shower Thoughts…

Level B2.

Do you find it difficult to maintain focus when working?
What are the conditions that cause your mind to wander?
What do you do when your mind is wandering? How do you stop?
When, if ever, is mind-wandering a good thing?

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What are you watching?

These days there are so many options for us to watch TV and practice listening to English. Some students ask me which serials are the best ones to watch to improve their English. The answer to that question is – well – I don’t know! But hear me out…

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Next Saturday

Imagine if today is Friday October 6th, 2023.

  • This Sunday I’m going to a football match.
  • Next Sunday is my birthday.
  • Next Saturday I’m going shopping with my sister.

Are “this Sunday” and “next Sunday” the same day?

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Afternoon, evening…

A conversation from class:

Student: When does the afternoon finish and the evening begin?

Me: About four thirty, five.

Student: Wow, you’re so precise about these things in English!

Me: No, not 4.35, it’s around four thirty or five o’clock.
Student: ah, okay.

Do you know when to use one or the other?

Here’s a quick reminder:

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