Intermediate 2 (B1)

B1INT204 – Speaking about the past
B1INT215 – Opinion
B1INT205 – Additional information and explanations
B1INT220 – Meetings
B1INT212 – Vowel sounds

Objectives – Can I express my opinion clearly and ask other people about their opinions? Can I give reasons for a preference? Can I talk about personal and professional events in the past? Can I make hypothetical statements? Do I feel confident in a meeting? Can I exchange basic information, figures, numbers etc. in English? Can I agree or disagree correctly?

Contents – Direct and indirect speech, third conditional, direct and indirect questions; vocabulary of differences and similarities; complaints, expressing emotions and feelings, passives. Defining and non-defining relative clauses; ‘that’ clauses; connectors (adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions); -ed and –ing adjectives; modal verbs: can, could, might, may, must, should; collocations. Spelling, dictation, pronunciation. Emphasisers; because/because of; adverbials. Polite language; commercial language; social language; Past simple, past continuous, past perfect; Present perfect vs Past Simple; Intensifiers like too, enough; Neutral vowel, the schwa; Vocabulary and functions for meetings; Question tags.