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Upper-Intermediate 3 (B2)

Upp-Int #14: Clauses and connectors Upp-Int #08: Phrasal Verb ReviewUpp-Int #09: Technology and innovationUpp-Int #15: Intonation and the Schwa Objectives – Can I connect different ideas in a paragraph to explain a sequence of events? Can I structure a paragraph correctly? Can I understand the construction and use of phrasal verbs? Can I use phrasal […]

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20 Phrasal verbs (part 2)

There is a part 1 of this exercise, but it’s not absolutely necessary to complete it before this one. This exercise is about translations. When we put a phrasal verb into google translate, sometimes the reult is fine, and sometimes the machine doesn’t get it right. Try to identify the correct phrasal verb in the […]

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20 Phrasal verbs (part 1)

Learning phrasal verbs is a combination of many things, including understanding the grammar structure and learning the different meanings of prepositions. Sometimes it’s also necessary to simply memorise the meanings of the verbs. This quiz can help you to learn 20 common phrasal verbs.  

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