Advanced 1 (C1)

C1ADV101 – Prepositions and phrasal verbs
C1ADV102 – Writing opinion – current affairs
C1ADV103 – Passive voice
C1ADV104 – Adverbs and adjectives in narratives

Objectives – Can I use prepositions correctly? Can I understand different particle meanings in phrasal verbs? Can I use the most common phrasal verbs? Can I express my opinion in writing? Can I use all forms of the passive voice? Can I use adverbs and adjectives correctly in a story? Can I describe how an action is done using adverbs?

– Narrative tenses for experience; Passive forms; Prepositions; Phrases for building an argument; Phrasal verbs, separable and unseparable; Adverbs; Adverbial phrases.

Previous course: Upper Int 5 (B2)