Advanced 3 (C1)

C1ADV309 – Modal verbs
C1ADV310 – Linking ideas
C1ADV311 – All conditionals and wishes, if only
C1ADV312 – Expressing preference with intonation

Objectives – Can I formulate modal verbs correctly in both forms? Can I formulate other verbs which have similar meanings to modal verbs? Can I choose the correct modal verb for each different situation? Can I link two or more ideas in one sentence, either for comparison or contrast? Can I formulate all forms of the conditional, zero, 1st, 2nd and 3rd? Can I use the diferent mixed conditional forms? Can I differenciate preference and expression using intonation? Can I express different meanings using intonation?

– All modal verbs forms; Linking words, expressions and conjunctions; Zero, 1st, 2nd, 3rd conditional; Mixed conditionals; Emphasis and Intonation; Elision; Emphasis shift. Modal verbs; Dependent prepositions; Word formation, from adjective to noun, verb etc; Mixed conditionals and conditional revision; Quantifiers and linking devices of concession, addition; Intonation to emphasise preference. A novel, Penguin level 6 Advanced, to be chosen by the teacher.

Advanced 2