Intermediate 3 (B1)

B1INT302 – Talking about change
B1INT303 – Functional language
B1INT316 – Reported Speech
B1INT317 – Expressing degrees of certainty
B1INT323 – Problem solving by phone and mail

Objectives – Can I explain change? Can I describe a situation in the past and how it is different now? Can I use the correct phrases for saying hello, goodbye etc? Can I use the correct phrases for situations like congratulating, excusing, commiserating? Can I formulate reported speech by changing the tenses correctly? Can I say how sure I am about something? Can I express doubt about something? Can I make request at work for information or action? Can I suggest solutions to a problem? Can I clarify a misunderstanding?

Contents – ‘Used to’ and ‘would’; Present Perfect; Greetings and leave-takings; Adverbial expressions; Present continuous; get and ‘is getting’ to describe change; Modal verbs of deduction; Reported speech; Comparatives and superlatives; Phrasal Verbs for problem solving.