Intermediate 4 (B1)

B1INT406 – Futures & conditionals
B1INT407 – Questions
B1INT414 – Explaining a Process
B1INT421 – Reporting Verbs
B1INT409 – Situation, position & movement

Objectives – Can I use the prepositions correctly? Can I use and understand phrasal verbs? Can I improve my construction of all types of questions; Can I use the most common reporting verbs? Can I hypothesise? Can I use ‘connector words’ to make more sophisticated sentences?

Contents – Reported speech; Prepositions of position, time and movement; Question structure; Subject questions; Conditionals; Conjunctions; Modals of obligation; Present perfect continuous; Reporting verbs like agree, offer, promise, refuse, ask, warn, admit, deny, suggest, agree, threaten, apologise.