Upper-Intermediate 1 (B2)

B2-U1-01 – Illogical English & Modal verbs
– some unusual grammar structures, modal verbs and their different meanings.

B2-U1-02 – Social Responses
– what to answer in different work and social moments.

B2-U1-03 – Writing reports and summaries
– structure your written English for work-related tasks

Objectives – Can I understand and express different levels of formality and politeness in conversation? Can I respond correctly to requests, offers and comments? Can I use the appropriate tone and register? Can I write reports and documents which are clearly expressed and correctly organised? Can I identify and prioritise the most important information? Can I deal with grammatical and conversational structures in English which don’t translate in a logical or literal way into Spanish or Catalan?

Contents – I (don’t) think so, I’m afraid not etc; Whoever, whatever; I don’t imagine, I don’t suppose; Causative ‘have’ and passive voice. Vocabulary and intonation in expressions to show agreement, understanding and enthusiasm; Functional responses to different social situations; Indirect questions and evasive answers; Making polite requests; Question tags. Expressing (un)certainty; Contrasting points of view; Explaining, giving examples, making suggestions and advice; Explaining necessity and/or obligation; Offering assistance; Expressing purpose; Stating conclusions and conditions; Sequences and lists.