Upper-Intermediate 2 (B2)

B2-U2-04 – Discussing current affairs
B2-U2-05 – Discussing culture
B2-U2-06 – Talks and meetings
B2-U2-07 – Narrative Tenses

Objectives – Can I evaluate and explain what is good/bad about something? Can I explain the news? Can I clarify a confusing situation? Can I understand news headlines? Can I explain the qualities of a film, song, book or picture? Can I understand a short talk in English? Can I formulate questions from listening to a talk? Can I use all narrative tenses in the correct form?

Contents – Modal verbs of deduction and speculation; Verb patterns; Comparisons; Colloquial phrases of opinion; All narrative tenses; Sentence stress; Phrases for expressing opinion; Agreeing and disagreeing; Vocab of culture, arts, film etc; Structuring a talk; Linking words and building an argument; All uses of auxuliary verbs and modals; News headlines and news vocabulary.