Upper-Intermediate 3 (B2)

Upp-Int #14: Clauses and connectors
Upp-Int #08: Phrasal Verb Review
Upp-Int #09: Technology and innovation
Upp-Int #15: Intonation and the Schwa

Objectives – Can I connect different ideas in a paragraph to explain a sequence of events? Can I structure a paragraph correctly? Can I understand the construction and use of phrasal verbs? Can I use phrasal verbs correctly? Can I understand the meanings of particles in phrasal verbs? Can I explain a process or a problem using technology? Can I explain and understand measures and materials? Can I follow complex instructions using technology? Can I express strong and weak syllables in a sentence? Can I express questions with the correct intonation?

Contents – Connecting phrases, clauses of concession, result, purpose; Relative clauses; Adverbs of manner and degree; Phrasal verb particles and their different meanings; Vocabulary of technology, measures, internet, applications etc; Expressing meaning through intonation; Intonation for questions; Schwa, the neutral vowel.