Upper-Intermediate 4 (B2)

B2-U4-10 – Rumours and conditions
B2-U4-11 – Obligations and Deductions
B2-U4-12 – Character and Opinion
B2-U4-13 – Health, Money and Work

Objectives – Can I express what my and other people’s obligations are? Can I speculate about different outcomes in the past? Can I make deductions? Can I describe a person’s character? Can I make optimistic or pessimistic predictions? Can I make a complaint? Can I describe feelings? Can I describe other people’s opinions? Can I evaluate information and discuss rumours?

Contents – The language of speculation; expressions for gossiping; hypothesising using 1st, 2nd and 3rd conditional sentences. Intonation and voice range. Verbs of obligation; Behaviour; Mixed conditionals; Crime; Modal verbs for deduction. Adjectives of personality; Expressions of probability; describing problems; describing emotions. Lifestyle vocabulary; Job interview vocabulary; Expressions with money; Finance vocabulary.