Upper-Intermediate 5 (B2)

B2-U5-14 – IELTS vocab
B2-U5-15 – Word Transformations
B2-U5-16 – Use Of English

Revision of all Upper-intermediate B2 modules.

Objectives – Can I accurately use verbal tenses to explain a series of events? Can I make recommendations? Can I separate different stages in a story? Can I express my opinions clearly? Can I draw conclusions from facts? Can I use stress correctly to emphasise important elements of the sentence? To consolidate existing vocabulary and to extend via synonymous expressions. To improve understanding of phrasal verbs.

Contents – Narrative tense structures; Vocabulary related to driving and travelling; Emphatic stress; Adjectives to describe films; exaggerated intonation; Expressions with mind. Modal verbs of deduction and speculation; Discussing and giving opinions, contradicting, reacting, drawing similarities; Expressing blame, emphatic stress; Word building – nouns from adjectives, etc.

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