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English language training in the Barcelona area

Educco scp grew from a partnership between two teachers, Mike Pritchard and Eugene Ryder. Our individual success with our classes and clients inspired us to create a language training company for public and private sector clients in the Barcelona area. As the company has grown, our team of qualified native-speaking teachers has expanded to meet demand. Growth in new technologies has led to the evolution of online and blended learning courses. Cultivating this development, while keeping focus on students’ progress, has been rewarding and exciting for everyone involved.

Eugene and Mike have both been living and teaching in Barcelona for many years. Eugene is a graduate in English and Music from University College, Dublin and Mike read Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Wales, Bangor. We both have TEFL qualifications and years of experience. Many of our new clients contact us through personal recommendation, and one of our main priorities is to maintain a close working relationship with those who trust in us. In our first visit to a new client we work together to identify their needs in terms of groups, student levels, timetable and language learning objectives. Monitoring students’ progress and regular communication with the client is an essential element of our work.
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